PiercingPierce Damage, also written as piercing damage, is a Damage Type that ignores armor. Cunning increases pierce damage at a rate of 0.285% per point.



Oleron's Rage (Skill) IconOleron"s Rage: Adds +% pierce damage


Flame Touched (Skill) IconFlame Touched

  • Temper (Skill) IconTemper: Adds +% pierce damage to Flame Touched

Grenado (Skill) IconGrenado: Deals pierce damage

Canister Bomb (Skill) IconCanister Bomb: Deals pierce damage

  • Improved Casing (Skill) IconImproved Casing: Adds +% pierce damage to Canister Bomb

Blast Shield (Skill) IconBlast Shield: Increases pierce resistance


Dual Blades (Skill) IconDual Blades: Deals and adds +% pierce damage

  • Belgothian's Shears (Skill) IconBelgothian's Shears: Adds +% pierce damage
  • Nidalla's Hidden Hand (Skill) IconNidalla's Hidden Hand: Converts 33% of piercing damage to acid damage on Belgothian's Shears, Amarasta's Quick Cut, and Whirling Death
  • Amarasta's Quick Cut (Skill) IconAmarasta's Quick Cut: Adds piercing damage to default weapon attacks
  • Whirling Death (Skill) IconWhirling Death: Adds piercing damage to default weapon attacks

Phantasmal Blades (Skill) IconPhantasmal Blades: Deals piercing damage

  • Transmuter (Skill) IconFrentic Throw: Converts 45% of Phantasmal Blade's piercing damage to vitality damage

Shadow Strike (Skill) IconShadow Strike: Deals pierce damage

Phantasmal Armor (Skill) IconPhantasmal Armor: Increases pierce resistance

Ring of Steel (Skill) IconRing of Steel: Deals pierce damage

  • Transmuter (Skill) IconRing of Frost: Converts 75% of Ring of Steel's piercing damage to Cold Damage

Blade Barrier (Skill) IconBlade Barrier: Adds pierce retaliation

Blade Trap (Skill) IconBlade Trap: Deals pierce damage

  • Devouring Blades (Skill) IconDevouring Blades: Adds +% pierce damage to Blade Trap


Mogdrogen's Pact (Skill) IconMogdrogen's Pact

  • Oak Skin (Skill) IconOak Skin: Adds pierce resistance to Mogdrogen's Pact

Conjure Primal Spirit (Skill) IconConjure Primal Spirit: Tail Strike skill deals pierce damage


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