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Quests in Grim Dawn provide objectives for the player and allow the story of the game to advance.

Main quests are integral to the game's plot, and completion is necessary for the game to progress. Side-quests are usually optional missions that can provide valuable rewards and experience, as well as encouraging exploration of the game world.

Completing quests can grant rewards such as Experience points, Faction Reputation, items, Skill and Attribute points and extra Inventory Bags.

Below are listed all available quests.

Act 1[]

Main Quests[]

The Resistance

Side Quests[]

Devil's Crossing


Act 2[]

Main Quests[]

The Outlaw Threat

Side Quests[]

Arkovian Foothills

The Outlaw Threat

Old Arkovia

Broken Hills

Act 3[]

Main Quests[]

The Search for Food

The Trials of Homestead

Side Quests[]

Deadman's Gulch

Jagged Waste


Faction Quests[]

Order of Death's Vigil Kymon's Chosen

Act 4[]

Main Quests[]

The Chthonic Menace

Side Quests[]

Fort Ikon

The Outcast

Act 5[]

Main Quests[]

The March to Malmouth

Side Quests[]

The Search for Ulgrim



Faction Quests[]

Coven of Ugdenbog Barrowholm

Act 6[]

Main Quests[]

The Liberation of Malmouth

Side Quests[]


Void's Edge

Malmouth Resistance

Forgotten Gods[]

Main Quests[]

The Eldritch Sun

Side Quests[]

Korvan Basin

Witch Gods

The Shattered Realm

Secret Quests[]

The base Grim Dawn game, as well as the Ashes of Malmouth and Forgotten Gods Expansions, each have a secret quest. They are intended to be discovered through following cryptic clues left for the player. Although each quest lacks explicit objectives and text, they lead to "Easter Egg" secret areas with secret bosses and items.


The following table shows notable rewards for various quests.

Attribute Point Skill Point Inventory Bag Blueprint Epic/Legendary Item
A Merciful End
The Hidden Path
The Messenger (Ultimate)
Conquering the Shattered Realm (Ultimate)
Kasparov's Experiment
The Hidden Path
The Other You (Ultimate)
Tomb of the Eldritch Sun (Ultimate)
Entering the Shattered Realm(Ultimate)
Exploring the Shattered Realm (Ultimate)
Conquering the Shattered Realm (Ultimate)
And Not a Drop to Drink
Clearing the Way
Culling the Swarm
Precious Resources
The Origin of the Slith
The Depths of Old Arkovia
The Sacred Ashes (Death's Vigil)
The Sacred Ashes (Kymon's Chosen)
Along the Void's Edge
The Feast
Kymon's Deserters
The Future is Madness
The Word of Rahn
Braving the Void
Service Beyond Death
The Bane of Cairn
Cleanse the Corruption
The Final Seal
Cast Off the Flesh
Family Matters
Mad Ramblings
Rise of the Insurgence
The Living Factory
The Forgotten God
Deeper in Debt
Paying Debts

Tier 1
Ascendant AnvilEmpty ThroneFalconHammerHarpyOwlShepherd's CrookToadWolverine
Chaos FiendGhoulJackalRatViperVultureWretch
Eldritch Akeron's ScorpionBatEye of the GuardianFoxHawkQuillRavenScholar's LightSpider
Order Assassin's BladeCraneDryadLionPantherStagTortoise
Primordial BullEelGallowsHoundImpLizardSailor's GuideTsunamiWraith
Tier 2
AfflictionAlladrah's PhoenixAmatok the Spirit of WinterAssassinAutumn BoarBard's HarpBehemothBerserkerBlades of NadaanBysmiel's BondsChariot of the DeadCrabDire BearHarvestman's ScytheHuntressHydraKrakenMagiManticoreMessenger of WarMurmur, Mistress of RumorsOklaine's LanternRevenantRhowan's CrownRhowan's ScepterScales of UlcamaShieldmaidenSolael's WitchbladeSolemn WatcherStaff of RattoshTargo the BuilderTempestTyphos, the Jailor of SoulsUlo the Keeper of the WatersWendigoWidow
Tier 3
AbominationAeon's HourglassAttak Seru, the MirageBlind SageCrossroadsDevotionDying GodIshtak, the Spring MaidenLeviathanLight of EmpyrionMogdrogen the WolfObelisk of MenhirOleronRattosh, the VeilwardenSpear of the HeavensTree of LifeUlzuin's TorchUltos, Shepherd of StormsUnknown SoldierVire, the Stone Matron