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An activated rift at Lower Crossing, an area just outside of Devil's Crossing

Riftgates are void-like entities often found in various places, to serve as checkpoints. Allowing to travel between other Riftgates. They are similar in function to the waypoints in Diablo series or portals in Titan Quest

Before being allowed to use a Riftgate, it needs to be activated by going close to it. Once active, it turns to purple from green and it is available to use.

There are no ways to go back to any town without dying or using a Riftgate.

The ability to create your own Riftgates is available from the beginning of the game, with no need to complete any quest beforehand.

List of Riftgates[]

Riftgates can be found in the following areas:

Act 1

Act 2

Act 3

Act 4