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Rune augments are a kind of augments introduced with the Forgotten Gods expansion. They are applied to medals only, and grant the player various mobility skills, which respect dynamic barriers, dynamite barricades, and the pathing system.

There are three tiers of rune augments:

Skill archetypes[]

Movement skills have six archetypes:

  1. Charge - allows the distance between player and target to be quickly closed, dealing damage with a relatively short cooldown. Similar to Blitz.
  2. Vanish - hides you from your enemies before reappearing next to a target to strike them on a relatively short cooldown. Similar to Shadow Strike.
  3. Rift Tear - an instant teleport.
  4. Disengage - allows you to blind nearby foes and then jump to safety behind you.
  5. Leap - jump to a target area and smash the ground, damaging and briefly stunning nearby foes.
  6. Rush - charges to a destination,damaging every enemy along the way.

Magical rune augments[]

Name Stats Faction Level
Emblem of the Agile Huntress.png Emblem of the Agile Huntress Cult of Solael 15
Emblem of the Charging Bull.png Emblem of the Charging Bull Cult of Solael 15
Emblem of Focused Rage.png Emblem of Focused Rage Cult of Dreeg 15
Emblem of the Leaping Mantis.png Emblem of the Leaping Mantis Cult of Bysmiel 15
Emblem of the Riftstalker.png Emblem of the Riftstalker Cult of Dreeg 15
Emblem of the Shadowy Assassin.png Emblem of the Shadowy Assassin Cult of Bysmiel 15

Epic rune augments[]

Name Stats Faction Level
Glyph of Dreeg's Vector.png Glyph of Dreeg's Vector Cult of Dreeg 33
Glyph of Korvan Swiftness.png Glyph of Korvan Swiftness Cult of Bysmiel 33
Glyph of Rahn's Might.png Glyph of Rahn's Might Cult of Solael 33
Emblem of Dreeg's Vector.png Emblem of Dreeg's Vector Cult of Dreeg 33
Emblem of Korvan Swiftness.png Emblem of Korvan Swiftness Cult of Bysmiel 33
Emblem of Rahn's Might.png Emblem of Rahn's Might Cult of Solael 33
Rune of Dreeg's Vector.png Rune of Dreeg's Vector "A formidable symbol of power found across the far reaches of Cairn."

(Applied to Medals)

Epic Augment

Granted Skills

Masterful Dreeg's Vector (Granted by Item)

Spontaneously transport yourself towards a target destination, spreading Dreeg's vile poisons to nearby foes.

100 Energy Cost

5.5 Second Skill Recharge

5 Meter Target Area

11 Meter Range

300 Acid Damage

600 Poison Damage over 2 Seconds

+25% Crit Damage

150 Reduced target's Offensive Ability for 3 Seconds

Cult of Dreeg 33
Rune of Korvan Swiftness.png Rune of Korvan Swiftness "A formidable symbol of power found across the far reaches of Cairn."

(Applied to Medals)

Epic Augment

Granted Skills

Masterful Korvan Swiftness (Granted by Item)

Leap towards the target point with burning agility.

66 Energy Cost

4 Second Skill Recharge

3.5 Meter Target Area

15 Meter Range

220% Weapon Damage

300 Fire Damage

840 Burn Damage over 3 Seconds

+25% Crit Damage

15% Reduced target's Damage for 3 Seconds

Cult of Bysmiel 33
Rune of Rahn's Might.png Rune of Rahn's Might "A formidable symbol of power found across the far reaches of Cairn."

(Applied to Medals)

Epic Augment

Granted Skills

Masterful Rahn's Might (Granted by Item)

Charge valiantly through your foes towards a target destination with a prayer to Rahn on your lips. When used with a shield, the shield's damage is added.

60 Energy Cost

3 Second Skill Recharge

2 Meter Target Area

12 Meter Range

220% Weapon Damage

300-380 Lightning Damage

975 Electrocute Damage over 3 Seconds

+25% Crit Damage

Stun target for 0.8 Seconds

+300% Movement Speed

Cult of Solael 33
Glyph of Arcane Insights.png Glyph of Arcane Insights 50
Glyph of Ashen Wastes.png Glyph of Ashen Wastes 50
Glyph of Burning Rifts.png Glyph of Burning Rifts 50
Glyph of Disorder.png Glyph of Disorder 50
Glyph of Ghastly Retreats.png Glyph of Ghastly Retreats 50
Glyph of Incorporeal Winds.png Glyph of Incorporeal Winds 50
Glyph of Seismic Strength.png Glyph of Seismic Strength 50
Glyph of Spontaneous Blades.png Glyph of Spontaneous Blades 50
Glyph of Sudden Strikes.png Glyph of Sudden Strikes 50
Glyph of the Elusive Assassin.png Glyph of the Elusive Assassin 50
Glyph of the Northern Ram.png Glyph of the Northern Ram 50
Glyph of the Pouncing Manticore.png Glyph of the Pouncing Manticore 50
Glyph of the Ravenous Wendigo.png Glyph of the Ravenous Wendigo 50
Glyph of the Rising Phoenix.png Glyph of the Rising Phoenix 50
Glyph of the Scorpion Tail.png Glyph of the Scorpion Tail 50
Glyph of the Stormclap.png Glyph of the Stormclap 50
Glyph of the Winter Fox.png Glyph of the Winter Fox 50
Glyph of Wayward Souls.png Glyph of Wayward Souls 50

Legendary rune augments[]

Name Stats Faction Level
Rune of Amatok's Breath.png Rune of Amatok's Breath 90
Rune of Astral Rifts.png Rune of Astral Rifts 90
Rune of Blazing Ends.png Rune of Blazing Ends 90
Rune of Dark Desires.png Rune of Dark Desires 90
Rune of Displacement.png Rune of Displacement 90
Rune of Dreeg's Wounds.png Rune of Dreeg's Wounds 90
Rune of Eldritch Instability.png Rune of Eldritch Instability 90
Rune of Fallen Kings.png Rune of Fallen Kings 90
Rune of Ishtak's Mercy.png Rune of Ishtak's Mercy 90
Rune of Murmur's Kiss.png Rune of Murmur's Kiss 90
Rune of Nadaan's Strike.png Rune of Nadaan's Strike 90
Rune of the Dark Progenitor.png Rune of the Dark Progenitor 90
Rune of the Dreadnought.png Rune of the Dreadnought 90
Rune of the Stormtitan.png Rune of the Stormtitan 90
Rune of the Typhoon.png Rune of the Typhoon 90
Rune of Ultos' Arrival.png Rune of Ultos' Arrival 90
Rune of Ulzaad's Madness.png Rune of Ulzaad's Madness 90
Rune of Ulzuin's Fall.png Rune of Ulzuin's Fall 90
Rune of Vampiric Shadows.png Rune of Vampiric Shadows 90
Rune of Violent Delights.png Rune of Violent Delights 90
Rune of Wretched Desires.png Rune of Wretched Desires 90

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