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Seals of Binding
Death's Vigil Quest Icon.png
Quest Info
Given by: Master Varuuk
Location: Bastion of the Order
Faction: Order of Death's Vigil
Type: side quest
Prerequisites: Worthy of the Order
Unlocks: A Catalyst
Rewards: XP, Iron, Reputation

Seals of Binding is an Act 3 side quest, offered by Master Varuuk in the Bastion of the Order after completing the Worthy of the Order quest.

Chthonic Seals of Binding, used by cultists to stabilise chthonic rifts, are required by the order to aid their own ritual to bring Malkadarr back from the dead.


  • Gather Chthonic Seals of Binding (0/3)
  • Bring the Seals of Binding to Master Varuuk at Sorrow's Bastion


Chthonic Seal of Binding Icon.png

The seals drop regularly from Chthonic Cultists in The Blood Grove and throughout the game.

When you have collected three, return them to Master Varuuk to complete the quest.


Normal Elite Ultimate
XP 11000 36000 70000
Iron 1500 7500 15000
Death's Vigil

Master Varuuk will then offer the A Catalyst side quest.

Quest Log[]

Quest log
The ritual involved in bringing back Malkadarr is a complicated and unstable one. The cultists in the Blood Grove use Seals of Binding to stabilize their rituals. Gather some of these Seals for Master Varuuk at Sorrow's Bastion so that the Order can use them to bring back Malkadarr's soul from beyond the veil of death.


  • Gather Chthonic Seals of Binding (0/3)
  • Bring the Seals of Binding to Master Varuuk at Sorrow's Bastion


(Immediately after completing the prerequisite quest)

Master Varuuk
You have entered the pit of despair and emerged unscathed. Impressive.

Perhaps you truly are worthy of the Order. Should you be interested, the next task is both an opportunity to strike out at the Legion's enemies and to air our cause.

  • [Question] What is it?

Master Varuuk
The Cult of Ch'thon is experienced in summoning rituals, something we can use to our advantage.

We will take what we need from the Cult, while crippling them in the process. Interested?

  • [Question] Go on.

Master Varuuk
The Cult uses Chthonic Seals of Binding to maintain the rifts into the Void. Many of their more powerful members carry these on their person at all times.

Should the Cult be denied these Seals, then their rituals will destabilize, denying them valuable reinforcements.

Their loss is our gain. Bring me the Seals so that we can use them to stabilize our own ritual.

  • [Accepts quest] I will gather the Seals.
  • [Refuses quest] Find someone else.
  • [Question] Are these the Seals you seek?
(Only available if you have already gathered the required Seals of Binding; this will accept and immediately complete the quest)

Master Varuuk
Yes, these appear to be in good shape. They will be most useful in returning Malkadarr to this world.

  • [Ends conversation] Perhaps another time.
  • [Ends conversation] Perhaps another time.