Serrated Spike Complete "A flimsy but extremely sharp spike from a beast."

Piercing Aura (Granted by Item)
Empower your attacks and those of your nearby allies with the power to pierce through armor.

35 Energy Cost

+50 Energy Reserved

15 Meter Radius

4 Piercing Damage

+15% Pierce Damage

Serrated Spike is a common component for use in all Weapons, Shields and Off-Hands.

Required player level: 7

Item level: 1

Grants Skill: Piercing Aura (Granted by Item)

Stats Edit

1/3 1 Piercing Damage
3 Bleeding Damage over 3 seconds
4% Increased Bleeding Damage
2/3 2 Piercing Damage
6 Bleeding Damage over 3 Seconds
8% Increased Bleeding Damage
3/3 3 Piercing Damage
9 Bleed Damage over 3 seconds
12% Increased Bleeding Damage

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