Shattered Guardian

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""Guardian of a realm consumed by darkness, devoid of its patron and protector.""

Shattered Guardian is a level 94 Legendary Item Set. It can be obtained only from The Shattered Realm on Ultimate Difficulty. On reaching particular levels, Set pieces can be purchased from Ullana, Shattered Squire, the merchant in the Shattered Realm treasure room.

The armor is similar to that worn by Animated Watchers. There are also different in-game helm models for male and female characters.

Set Piece Shard # Cost (Iron)
Armor 20 100,000
Ward 30 140,000
Mantle 45 100,000
Mask 60 100,000

Pieces[edit | edit source]

Shattered Realm Mask f Icon.png Shattered Realm Armor Icon.png Shattered Realm Mantle Icon.png Shattered Realm Ward Icon.png
Shattered Realm Mask Shattered Realm Armor Shattered Realm Mantle Shattered Realm Ward

Set Bonuses[edit | edit source]

1/4 none
2/4 +8% Health
+4 Energy Regenerated per second
3/4 30% Reduced Stun Duration
30% Reduced Freeze Duration
30% Reduced Petrify Duration
30% Slow Resistance
4/4 25% Resistance to Life Reduction
+2 to all Skills
Granted Skills
Shatterguard (Granted by Item)
Being brought low merely stokes your rage.
Activates when Health drops below 50%
12 Second Skill Recharge
3 Second Duration
Total Damage Modified by 24%
20% Damage Absorption

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