Something for Nothing
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Given by:



Devil's Crossing




Side Quest


Waking to Misery


Flesh and Iron


XP, Iron, Scrap

Something for Nothing is an Act 1 side quest offered by Harmond in Devil's Crossing.


Harmond's wife Annabel was killed soon after Burrwich was overrun by Aetherials, and now he lives only for revenge. He offers you some Iron Bits with the promise of more if you kill some undead soldiers. If you accept this quest and do not finish it before beating the final boss you instead turn in the quest at Sergeant Havos in Devil's Crossing.

Objectives Edit

  • Slay Farros, the Rotted
  • Slay Jillius, the Decayed
  • Slay Neegan, the Withered
  • Return to Harmond

Guide Edit

Farros, the Rotted can be found in a house in the Old Dump, on the east side of the road. Jillius, the Decayed can be found in a camp east side of the Wightmire Portal. Neegan can be found just a bit southeast of the Foggy Bank portal.


(Quest Progress)

Normal Elite Ultimate
Iron 250 500 1000

(Quest Complete)

Normal Elite Ultimate
XP 150 9500 22000
Iron 800 3500 9500
Item Scrap (1)

Harmond will then offer the Flesh and Iron side quest.

Quest LogEdit

Quest log
Harmond is a wreck of a man, hollow of emotions but for the cold rage he feels towards the corpses now roaming Lower Crossing.

In the hopes that you will go out there and put down the living dead, he has given you enough Iron Coins to buy some supplies.

This is probably the only handout you will ever see in this grim new world.


  • Slay Farros, the Rotted
  • Slay Jillius, the Decayed
  • Slay Neegan, the Withered
You have slain the three rotted soldiers Harmond spoke of. Perhaps now he can move on.

Return to him in Devil's Crossing.


  • Return to Harmond