Grim Dawn Wiki


Spirit guides allow you to undo your skill point selections on the skill tree, allowing you to to reallocate them. You can only reduce your mastery to 1, therefore you cannot choose a new class through this method. In addition, you cannot remove the last point from a skill that has any modifiers with points invested in them.

The cost goes up every 20 points refunded. The initial cost is 25, then 50, 100, 150, 200, 300, 400, 500, (Not sure after this).

Spirit guides also allow the refunding of Devotion points.


  • Devil's Crossing: The Spirit Guide Sahdina can be found in the northern corner of the upper level of the prison.
  • Coven's Refuge: The Spirit Guide Novi can be found slightly north of Wevala, the illusionist.
  • Steelcap District: The Spirit Guide Rena can be found west of the riftgate on the round path overseeing the courtyard.
  • Conclave of the Three: The Spirit Guide Bagalla is located on the ground level right hand side, under an awning.
  • The Crucible: The Spirit Guide Kracius, usually located on the side with the other NPCs.