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Staff of Rattosh
Staff of Rattosh Constellation Icon.png
The winged staff of Rattosh is said to be the key to the veil separating the physical and spirit realms. When it is visible in the sky, it is believed that the barrier between the living and the dead is at its thinnest.
Affinity Required:

Primordial   6
Order   3
Chaos   3

Affinity Bonus:

Primordial   2
Chaos   2

Staff of Rattosh is a tier two Constellation, located in the top of the devotion window.

Available only with the Ashes of Malmouth Expansion.


Updated to: v1.0.1.2


+20 Defensive Ability

Bonus to All Pets

+3% Defensive Ability


15% Aether Resistance

Bonus to All Pets

15% Aether Resistance


+150 Health

Bonus to All Pets

+30% to All Damage


+5% Health
10% Vitality Resistance

Bonus to All Pets

10% Vitality Resistance


+50% Aether Damage

Bonus to All Pets

+50% to All Damage


+3% Offensive Ability

Bonus to All Pets

+6% Crit Damage
+3% Offensive Ability

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