Stormheart is a Legendary one-handed Sword. The item is named after the "fictional" weapon in the Excerpt from Daila's Diary.


Stormheart Icon


"There are letters etched into the hilt: D.T."
Legendary One-Handed Sword
111 Physical Damage
15% Armor Piercing
12-33 Lightning Damage
Speed: Fast

+8% Crit Damage
+88% Lightning Damage
+88% Electrocute Damage With +30% Improved Duration
15% Physical Damage converted to Lightning Damage
+40 Offensive Ability
+2.2 Energy Regenerated per second
+5% Attack Speed
15% Vitality Resistance
+3 to Static Strike
+2 to Stormcaller's Pact

Granted Skills

Chain Lightning (10% Chance on Attack)
Immense electric force emenates from you, cascading to additional enemies.
Affects up to 5 targets
1.5 Second Skill Recharge
124-543 Lightning Damage

Required Player Level: 75
Required Cunning: 467
Item Level: 75

Aquisition Edit

Stormheart Location Map


Stormheart is not part of regular loot tables and cannot drop from monsters. It drops once per character on Ultimate difficulty only, after completing the Daila's Diary side quest. It is located inside the Tomb of Korvaak, within a breakable urn. (Note that the urn can sometimes be broken by enemies.)

Talking to Daila Thornsbury after finding Stormheart enables several new minor dialogue options.

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