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Sunbane Oasis
Sunbane Oasis Icon.png
Location Info
Act: 7
Riftgate: Yes
Adjacent: Cairan Docks
Howling Chasm
Quests: N/A

Sunbane Oasis is an area in Act 7. It has a Riftgate and connects to Cairan Docks and the Howling Chasm. It also has entrances to Durg's Den and the Sanctuary of Horran underground areas.

There is a secret path underneath the broken bridge which leads to a large area with a Royal Sarcophagus.

Just east of the riftgate is another secret path leading to the Shrine of Azaleon.


  • Canen's Corpse - Drops the Tome of Eanatum quest item
  • Royal Sarcophagus
  • Hidden Remains
  • Notes:



  • Gryphon
  • Gryphon Sandstalker
  • Gryphon Matriarch
  • Korvan Viper
  • Korvan Viper - Sandstalker
  • Korvan Viper - Deathvenom
  • Sandclaw
  • Sandclaw - Flayer
  • Sandclaw - Nest Guardian
  • Sandclaw - Matriarch


  • Korvan Scorpius
  • Korvan Scorpius - Sandcreeper
  • Korvan Scorpius - Deathsting



Sunbane Oasis Map.jpg

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