Tainted Wood

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Tainted Wood
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Feral Thicket



The Tainted Wood is an Act 5 world area, and part of the Ancient Grove Challenge Dungeon. The area has a +5/6/6 monster level offset.

There is a hidden path along the east side of the area. The south end starts by going through a crumbling tower. There are two Fleshwarped Hidden Spoils and a One-Shot Chest located by an Aetherial Obselisk.

The northwest area is named the Heart of the Forest, the final Boss room for Gargabol, Heart of the Wild, who must be defeated to complete the Cleanse the Corruption quest.

To the northwest in the Heart of the Forest is a Monolith that provides a shortcut back to Ugdenbog outside the entrance to the Ancient Grove.

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