Tale of Two Blacksmiths
Tale of Two Blacksmiths
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Burrwitch Outskirts




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This is an Act 1 quest offered by Duncan when you find him in the Burrwitch Outskirts. Depending on how you finish this quest, you will unlock the Blacksmith services of either Duncan or Angrim.

Note: Once you reach Elite difficulty, you may side with a different blacksmith. This allows your character to have access to both blacksmiths by selecting the appropriate difficulty.


Duncan asks you if you can locate someone. His master Angrim left the camp earlier in search of a group of survivors "more worthy" of his smithing talents. Without his master's forging hammer, Duncan cannot provide proper equipment to the refugees. He promises to join you at Devil's Crossing if you can recover the hammer.


  • Speak to Angrim in the Burrwitch Outskirts.


Angrim can be found in a secluded area some way to the east of the Burrwitch Outskirts riftgate. Talking to him will present you with several dialogue options.

  1. Side with Duncan. You can either talk Angrim into handing over the Malleum Menhir or fight and kill him for it. In either case, deliver the forge hammer to Duncan at the refugee camp once you have it. Duncan will agree to join you in Devil's Crossing when his work at the refugee camp is finished. Return to the prison and speak to Duncan for the reward.
  2. Side with Angrim. You can  invite him back to Devil's Crossing. A rift will be opened for him to travel to Devil's Crossing where he will set up shop inside the prison.




Side with Duncan:

Normal Elite Ultimate
XP 800 22000 55000

Side with Angrim:

Normal Elite Ultimate
XP 350 22000 55000

Quest LogEdit

Quest log
Duncan, a young blacksmith at a refugee camp in the Burrwitch Outskirts, has implored you to seek out his master, Angrim. Angrim left the camp recently, heading northeast, to seek out what he called "more capable" individuals. Duncan wishes to help the refugees survive by providing them with proper equipment, but for this he needs the Malleum Menhir, an ancient forging hammer in the possession of his master.

If you recover the hammer from Angrim, then Duncan can make the lives of the refugees easier, after which he will gladly join you at Devil's Crossing.


  • Speak to Angrim in the Burrwitch Outskirts
You have acquired Malleum Menhir from Angrim. Duncan is eagerly awaiting its delivery at the refugee camp near the riftgate in the Burrwitch Outskirts.


  • Collect Malleum Menhir from Angrim
  • Deliver Malleum Menhir to Duncan at the refugee camp
You have decided that killing Angrim is the only way you'll get Malleum Menhir from him. Kill Angrim to claim the forging hammer, then deliver it to Duncan at the refugee camp near the riftgate in Burrwitch Outskirts.


  • Kill Angrim and recover Malleum Menhir
  • Deliver Malleum Menhir to Duncan at the refugee camp
You have convinced Duncan to join your cause at Devil's Crossing. Speak to him inside the prison, once he arrives from the refugee camp.


  • Speak to Duncan in Devil's Crossing
You have convinced Angrim to join your cause at Devil's Crossing. Speak to him inside the prison.


  • Speak to Angrim in Devil's Crossing
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