The Bath House

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This note is found in a house in the Village of Darkvale.

The process of collecting blood was so slow it was driving me crazy, so I set up a two-tank system, then rigged the Public Bathhouse plumbing with a drain switch. Now we can drain the water from the tubs back into the water tank. But when I flip the switch, the drain will go into the second tank, where the blood can can be stored. However, the pulley system with hooks was the crowning accomplishment. It hides out of sight when not in use, but when we are ready for sacrifices...

Zaria has provided me with Nightshade root to dissolve with the bath salts. Combined with the hot water it should lull our guests to sleep. Then we drain the water, perform the rites, flip the switch and collect the offerings without spilling a single drop. It took some effort, but I am proud of what I have set up. It is the first step to mass collections and will speed up the process. I cannot wait to tell the others.

Herod Feldrin, Darkvale Carpenter