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The Emissary
The Emissary Icon.png
NPC Info
Location(s): Devil's Crossing
Fort Ikon
Coven's Refuge
Malmouth Sewers
Conclave of the Three
Service(s): N/A
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Faction: The Witch Gods
Gives Quest(s): A Stranger Beckons
The Emissary (quest)
The Eldritch Trials
Loyalty to the Three

The Emissary begins the Forgotten Gods story chapter. He can appear outside Devil's Crossing, Homestead, Fort Ikon, Coven's Refuge or Malmouth Sewers. He offers the quest A Stranger Beckons which leads to The Emissary (quest), which leads to him opening a permanent portal to the Act 7 town hub, the Conclave of the Three. After this he offers the quests The Eldritch Trials, which leads to Loyalty to the Three.