The Final Seal (note)

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This note drops from Bloodlord Thalonis in the Seal of the Loghorrean.

At last we stand before the blood soaked gates of victory. The Loghorrean will soon be awakened and with it we shall usher in a new age. It is you, my loyal supplicants, that have paved the road to our final victory. Your dedication and sacrifice has carried us to the threshold, and I shall see us through.

The ancients were determined in their construction of this final chamber. One hundred of the imperium's finest arcanists dropped dead to empower the runes which now bind the Loghorrean's tomb. They believed their sacrifice worthy, their seals impenetrable. But we have an army of thousands surging with the power of the Dead God; power that will not be contained.

I have gladly put a blade to the throats of my most faithful and felt the rush of their life blood escaping; blood they have given willingly in this final hour. With the power of their blood, I have shattered the final seal and begun the ritual. Soon, the Loghorrean shall stir from its eternal slumber. The world will shudder once more under the gaze of the Mouth of Ch'thon.

Let the blood flow!

Thalonis, Bloodlord of Ch'thon