This is a small Act 5 side quest located in Gloomwald, granted when the player finds the Nane's Stash note (located inside house south-east of map). The note contains directions to find a One-Shot Chest (requires one stick of dynamite).

Areas Edit

  • Nane's note is found inside a small chest inside a house in Gloomwald; picking it up will initiate the quest. The Secret Stash is located to the north of where the note is found. A quest marker will be visible on the map as you draw near. You will need to place 1 Dynamite at the Detonation Site to access a small secret area containing Nane's Stash. The quest concludes when it is opened.
  • Note that the Detonation Site only appears after the quest is activated.*note: the note was not there on Elite difficulty. Possibly making this a one time quest or having alternate locations.
Gloomwald Stash Location
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