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This note is dropped by the Guardian of Dreeg in the secret Hidden Path area adjacent Lower Crossing.

Welcome, seeker of the truth, to this bastion of knowledge. You have taken your first step along the way to the deeper truths, as countless brothers and sisters have before you. The path now presented to you is a treacherous one. You will be persecuted for your practices, hunted like a rodent by the empire's Luminari hounds; but to persevere, to endure the trials that our patron Lords have endured, that is the way to true power through the eldritch realm.

You stand before the shrine of Dreeg, the oldest of the three Witch Gods. The Great Guardian sought to know all, to see the truth behind the veil that blinds us all. In arrogance, or perhaps foresight, he cast aside the ancient warnings and the cautionary words of his peers. Dreeg reached into the veil and witnessed the workings of the gods themselves. For his hubris, he was struck blind, but it was then that his eyes had become truly open. Exposed to the wild magic of the eldritch realm, he was forever changed. Cruel spines pierced his flesh, acidic blood dripping from the festering wounds for all eternity. What emerged from beyond the veil bore little resemblance to the man that entered. Dreeg was reborn...a god.

Dreeg now watches over us all, his peerless gaze pierces through our very souls and sees us for who we really are. To stand before the Great Guardian is an honor without match, to hear His voice is a blessing from the heavens themselves. If you are indeed deserving of his attention, then follow the way of the Three: travel to the broken lands beyond the Arkovian border, where harpies feast on the flesh of the unworthy. Seek a path blocked by stone. If you carry the message of Dreeg, the way shall open before you.

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