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Leave, puny thing. I speak only to Kymon. - The Messenger
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The Messenger is an NPC located within Kymon's study. After completing the quest Kymon's Secret, the study is unlocked and the truth is revealed about Kymon's Chosen. While the Messenger offers different dialogue options, none of them actually start a quest or affect the player's reputation with Kymon's Chosen.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • Empyrion? - Player
    • Gone...gone! There is only Korvaak. Kneel before his messenger. - The Messenger
      • What is your deal with Kymon? - Player
        • Kymon found Korvaak's tomb, he called through the veil and a god answered. Kymon begged for a way to save his people, Korvaak merely asked for a soul. Now Kymon has the power he needs, and Korvaak gets his worshippers. - The Messenger
          • What is Korvaak? - Player
            • Korvaak who was when the world was not. Korvaak is eternal, infinite...Primordial... - The Messenger
              • The Chosen must be warned. - Player
                • Foolish thing, the Chosen serve their god and in turn are rewarded for their worship. You would be labeled a heretic, an ally of Ch'thon; you who would deny their sacred faith. - The Messenger
          • Worshippers? Why? - Player
            • The Dead God grows in strength. It threatens the power of Korvaak, and so Korvaak must become the greater. - The Messenger
              • The Dead God? - Player
                • You know it only as Ch'thon, whose blood courses through your veins, as it does in every living being. But the Dead God yearns to return from the void; it calls to its blood, gathers it. Someday soon, Ch'thon will be reborn. - The Messenger
                  • Ch'thon needs my blood? - Player
                    • All blood, all life. Ch'thon's worshippers gather it, give the Dead God the strength to tear through the barrier between worlds. But as Ch'thon grows bolder, so too does Korvaak rally his strength. Cairn shall become the battleground upon which the gods shall settle their conflict. - The Messenger

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