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The Shattered Realm is an endless dungeon introduced with the Forgotten Gods Expansion, and can be accessed by speaking to Mazaan, Keeper of Portals in the Conclave of the Three.

The Realm contains 73 custom levels, which load randomly. Levels are grouped into Shards. A Shard consists of three levels, or Chunks, plus a Boss level. Difficulty increases with each successive Shard, until the player chooses to end the session and claim the reward. The further one has progressed in the Shattered Realm, the greater the loot to be collected at the end.


Each Chunk has a progress bar, which is filled by killing enemies and collecting Shattered Souls. When the bar is full, the portal to the next Chunk opens. Completion of each Shard is subject to a countdown timer, and exceeding the timer will lessen the amount of loot collected at the end of the game session.

Shattered Souls[]

Common and Champion enemies have a small chance to drop Shattered Soul items, and Heroes and Nemesis foes will drop a Greater Shattered Soul.

Shattered Souls grant additional progress, and also give bonus damage and toughness for a period of 18 seconds. These buffs stack like charges, and each new Shattered Soul refreshes the duration.

Name stack size
Shattered Soul 5
Mighty Shattered Soul 8
Celestial Shattered Soul 10
Overwhelming Shattered Soul 12

Shattered Soul charges last for 18 seconds and offer the following buffs:

Charge Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
% Damage Absorption 3 6 9 12 15 18 21 24 27 30 33 36
+% to All Damage 8 16 24 32 40 48 56 64 72 80 88 96


Waystones allow the player to enter the Shattered Realm at a particular Shard level. Blueprints can drop from one of the chests in the treasure room after completing a Shard level opened by the particular Waystone. They can then be crafted and given to Mazaan.

Waystone01.png Shattered Waystone Opens the 5th, 10th or 15th Shard.
Waystone02.png Resonating Waystone Opens the 20th, 25th or 30th Shard.
Waystone03.png Haunted Waystone Opens the 35th, 40th or 45th Shard.
Waystone04.png Desecrated Waystone Opens the 50th,55th or 60th Shard.
Waystone05.png Celestial Waystone Opens the 65th, 70th or 75th Shard.
Waystone06.png Death's Waystone Opens the 80th Shard up to 210.


At the end of each Shard, the player has the option to either continue or collect a reward. (A reward can also be collected after dying.) The Shattered Realm offers several unique items, including blueprints for Legendary Rune Augments and the level 94 Shattered Guardian item Set.

Shattered Guardian Set pieces can be purchased from Ullana, Shattered Squire, the merchant in the Shattered Realm treasure room, upon reaching the appropriate levels as described in the table below. It should be noted that these set pieces are only available after completing a minimum of two shards.

Set Piece Shard # Cost (Iron)
Shattered Realm Armor 20 100,000
Shattered Realm Ward 30 140,000
Shattered Realm Mantle 45 100,000
Shattered Realm Mask 60 100,000

Note that the timer does not exclude you from these exclusive rewards.


The Shattered Realm features several unique shrines, where rare crafting materials can be offered in exchange for specific buffs that come with a trade-off, similar to Mutators. These effects have a 50 minute duration and are applied to pets at a reduced rate.

Name (Color) Description Offering Stats
Shrine of Azrakaa (Yellow) Make a pact with Azrakaa, granting you Increased Resistance to Slow and Crowd Control effects, but your Critical Strikes are Weakened. Aetherial Mutagen Icon.png
Aetherial Mutagen
-20% Crit Damage
+60% Freeze Resistance
+60% Petrify Resistance
+60% Sleep Resistance
+60% Stun Resistance
+60% Trap Resistance
+80% Total Speed Reduction Resistance
Shrine of Oleron (Red) Fill yourself with Oleron's Bloodlust, granting you Increased Damage, but you become more Vulnerable to Physical attacks. Blood of Ch'thon Icon.png
Blood of Ch'thon
+33% to All Damage
-8% Physical Resistance
Shrine of Rattosh (Green) Split your soul between this reality and the one beyond the veil, granting you Increased Resistance against All Damage, but your Health is reduced. Tainted Brain Matter Icon.png
Tainted Brain Matter
-8% Health
+10% Physical Resistance
+30% to all other resistances
Shrine of Vire (Blue) Make your skin as stone, granting you Increased Armor, but at the cost of Offensive Ability. Ancient Heart Icon.png
Ancient Heart
-3% Offensive Ability
+25/300/600 Armor
Increases Armor by 40%
Shrine of Death Strike a bargain with death, granting you astonishing Offensive Power and Regeneration, but at the cost of Resistances. Aetherial Missive Icon.png
Aetherial Missive
+30% Crit Damage
+8% Offensive Ability
+100% Health Regeneration
+100% Energy Regeneration
-8% to All Resistances


Monster Mutators[]

Name Description Stats
Mutatoricon monster aetherwarped.png Aetherwarped Monsters are resistant to the Aether, but more Susceptible to Chaos.
Mutatoricon monster armored.png Armored Monsters are nearly impervious to Physical harm and armor Piercing, but are more Susceptible to the Elements.
Mutatoricon monster berserking.png Berserking Monsters are berserking, Attacking faster but also becoming more Susceptible to Attacks.
Mutatoricon monster brutal.png Brutal Monsters land Critical Strikes more often, but deal Reduced Damage.
Mutatoricon monster corrupted.png Corrupted Monsters resistant to Chaos, but more Susceptible to the Aether.
Mutatoricon monster crippling.png Crippling Monster attacks Slow opponents, but attack Slower.
Mutatoricon monster cruel.png Cruel Monster Critical Strikes are extra lethal, but attacks are more likely to Miss.
Mutatoricon monster ignited.png Ignited Monsters are infused with Fire, dealing additional Fire damage and Retaliating Fire damage, but are more Susceptible to the Cold.
Mutatoricon monster leeching.png Leeching Monsters leech health back with every attack, but have Reduced Health.
Mutatoricon monster poisonous.png Poisonous Monsters are tainted with poison, dealing additional Poison damage and Retaliating Poison damage, but are more Susceptible to Vitality draining attacks.
Mutatoricon monster regenerating.png Regenerating Monsters have highly enhanced health and energy regeneration, but are more Susceptible to Acid, Poison and Bleeding.
Mutatoricon monster resistant.png Resistant Monsters are nearly impervious to Magical attacks, but are more Susceptible to Physical harm.
Mutatoricon monster swift.png Swift Monsters have greatly increased Movement Speed, but are more susceptible to Crowd Control.
Mutatoricon monster time-warped.png Time-Warped Monsters have greatly reduced Spell Cooldowns and increased Casting Speed, but deal Reduced Physical Damage.
Mutatoricon monster toughened.png Toughened Monsters have greatly increased Health, but have reduced Health Regeneration.
Mutatoricon monster unstoppable.png Unstoppable Monsters are highly resistant to Crowd Control, but Move Slowly.
Mutatoricon monster vengeful.png Vengeful Monsters have greatly enhanced Retaliation effects, but have Reduced Armor.

Player Mutators[]

Name Description Stats
Mutatoricon player aethermarked.png Aethermarked Players experience slowed Attacks, but are more Resistant to the Aether.
Mutatoricon player afflicted.png Afflicted Players have reduced Health, but are more Resistant to Vitality drains.
Mutatoricon player drained.png Drained Players have reduced Health Regeneration, but are more Resistant to Poison and Bleeding.
Mutatoricon player exposed.png Exposed Players have reduced Armor, but Cooldowns are Reduced.
Mutatoricon player marked.png Marked Players have reduced Defensive Ability, but Damage is Magnified.
Mutatoricon player shattered.png Shattered Players have reduced Damage and Retaliation effects, but Armor is Increased.
Mutatoricon player slowed.png Slowed Player Movement Speed is greatly reduced, but Crowd Control doesn't last as long.
Mutatoricon player tainted.png Tainted Players are Slowed, but Critical Damage is Increased.
Mutatoricon player voidmarked.png Voidmarked Players experience slowed Casting but are more Resistant to Chaos.
Mutatoricon player weakened.png Weakened Player Critical Attacks are weakened, but attacks are more likely to hit.



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