Thunderous Strike (Skill)

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Transmuter (Skill) Icon.png   Thunderous Strike
Mastery: Shaman
Tier: 3
Skill Type: Transmuter
Max. Level: 1
Cooldown: N/A
Associated Skills:
Primal Strike (Skill) Icon.png Primal Strike
Primal Strike (Skill) Icon.png

Primal Strike

01/16 Requires a two-handed melee or two-handed ranged weapon.
22 Energy Cost
3 Second Skill Recharge
2.5 Meter Target Area
110% Weapon Damage
18 Physical Damage
7 - 22 Lightning Damage
10 Bleeding Damage over 2 Seconds
Stun target for 1 - 2 Seconds

16/16 80 Energy Cost
260% Weapon Damage
240 Physical Damage
136 - 250 Lightning Damage
310 Bleeding Damage over 2 Seconds
Stun target for 2.6 - 4 Seconds

Stormcallers, members of a sect of shamanism devoted to the heavens, are known to call out to Ultos, the god of the sky, when delivering nature's wrath upon their adversaries, allowing them to call down lightning with greater frequency.

Thunderous Strike is not a default weapon attack enhancer and cannot trigger effects such as Feral Hunger.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Skill Progression[edit | edit source]

Updated to: v1.1.9.0

Base Levels
Level Stats
1/1 -60% Weapon Damage
Total Damage Modified by -28%
100% Stun Duration Reduction
+100% Skill Cooldown Reduction
-55% Skill Energy Cost

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