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Tomb of the Heretic
Tomb of the Heretic Icon.png
Location Info
Act: 7
Riftgate: No
Adjacent: Lost Oasis
Quests: -

The Tomb of the Heretic is a world area in Act 7. The area is accessed via the Lost Oasis, and can be found during the Paying Debts quest.

Levels 2 and 3 make up one of Grim Dawn's sealed "Roguelike" Challenge Dungeons. A crafted Skeleton Key is required to continue beyond the first level and the player cannot use a riftgate to exit; the only way out is via death or completing all levels.

The quest is unique in that it focuses on the primordial entity Yugol. The quest involves retracing the steps of the priest Tuha who was tasked with killing Grand Magus Morgoneth and sealing off the influence of Yugol.

This page concerns level one only. The other levels are:




  • Animated Keeper
  • Animated Watcher
  • Animated Preserver
  • Possessed Armor
  • Eldritch Armor
  • Ancient Armor
  • Eldritch Spirit
  • Eldritch Spirit - Haunt
  • Eldritch Spirit - Ancient


  • Keeper of the Seal


Tomb of the Heretic Map.jpg

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