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Ultos, Shepherd of Storms
Ultos Constellation Icon.png
Ultos was the lesser of his celestial brethren in Arkovian lore, but nevertheless remained a powerful symbol, for it was his rains that allowed the harvest to grow and his lightning that caused unspeakable destruction. Somewhat ironically given his status, Ultos is the only Arkovian god whose worship endured beyond the fall of the empire.
Affinity Required:

Chaos   6
Eldritch   10
Primordial   10

Affinity Bonus:

Ultos, Shepherd of Storms is a tier three Constellation, located at the bottom left of the devotion window.

Available only with the Ashes of Malmouth Expansion.


Updated to: v1.0.3.0

# Stats
1 +80% Cold Damage
+25 Offensive Ability
2 +80% Lightning Damage
+25 Offensive Ability
3 +180 Health
15% Chaos Resistance
4 +15% Crit Damage
+120% Frostburn Damage
+120% Electrocute Damage
+20 Offensive Ability
5 3-20 Lightning Damage
+100% Cold Damage
+100% Lightning Damage
6 Hand of Ultos (100% Chance on Critical Attack)

Skill Progression[]

Hand of Ultos (100% Chance on Critical Attack)

The Storm Shepherd's fury emits from your fingertips, cascading through entire armies with devastating electrical force.
Level Stats XP Required
1/15 1.5 Second Skill Recharge
Affects up to 10 targets
24% Weapon Damage
222-434 Lightning Damage
696 Electrocute Damage over 6 Seconds
Stun target for 0.4 Seconds
25% Reduced target's Elemental Resistances for 3 Seconds
2/15 160000
3/15 371336
4/15 672776
5/15 1116836
6/15 17711442
7/15 2721398
8/15 4069700
9/15 5938761
10/15 8471532
11/15 11232559
12/15 14308980
13/15 17711469
14/15 21675138
15/15 26160399

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