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I occasionally edit here. I also edit the English and Russian Minecraft Wikis on Gamepedia.

I first played Grim Dawn after I read somewhere that it is the spiritual successor to Titan Quest (which I liked, and which itself was a spiritual successor to Diablo II, which I also liked and used to play with mods). The parts of the game I like most is exploring the world, learning its lore and interacting with characters, as well as picking proper skills and equipment for the protagonist. Inventory management is also an interesting challenge.

I don't ever play any multiplayer games. I find real-time interactions with people a significant source of stress (which I should avoid more than an average person), and while I would never knowingly ruin another player's enjoyment just for my own, in singleplayer, I don't have such concerns about using a "cheat code" to resolve a sticky situation more satisfactorily (remember what I said about avoiding stress?). If I got stuck in a rock in Skyrim, I'd just use tcl and get out without a second thought, instead of reloading an earlier save that could have been many minutes ago.