• Realmain


    I would like to announce that the Admins of Grim Dawn Wiki, Heteroclitus (now under the name of Oudeis) and I (Realmain), have officially moved the Grim Dawn Wiki to Gamepedia.

    All new edits by us will only be on the Grim Dawn Wiki on Gamepedia. We will no longer be maintaining the Wikia page.

    Editors are still free to continue editing on this Wikia and maintain it.

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  • Realmain


    • Fixed a rare crash caused by fragmenting projectiles
    • Fixed a rare crash caused by monsters attempting to navigate to targets outside the world
    • Fixed an occasional crash when loading new areas
    • Fixed a bug where mouse buttons 4+ would not correctly activate some skills
    • Individual damage types on the Character Sheet now include a percentage of Percent Chance damage


    • Monster damage adjusted down on Normal and Veteran
    • Monster spawn level ranges updated so you are less frequently fighting monsters significantly above your level. Monsters in challenge areas continue to have a boost to their level. In addition, monsters no longer scale up in level based on number of players in a multiplayer session. This should result in a more reasonable/pre…

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  • Realmain


    • Fixed a physics related crash.

    [Class & Skills]


    • Fixed an issue with Grenado not properly benefiting from Ulzuin's Chosen
    • Agonizing Flames now has resistance reduction again - apparently people were using it and it seems that straight %dmg bonuses were not seen as a very worthy investment by themselves.
    • Stun / Quick Jacks targeting range changed to "long" and damage adjusted up slightly.
    • Full spread electrocution scaling adjusted up slightly.
    • Flame Touched fire and lightning modifiers increased.


    • Pet innate damage / life scaling reduced. These numbers were set long ago, before the introduction of all the pet gear and other class pet buffs and needed to come down.
    • Manipulation scaling reduced.
    • Raven AI adjusted so that it sho…

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  • Realmain

    • Fixed the Chthonian Nemesis' chest not spawning with the boss.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause players on a Homestead bounty to be stuck without a bounty and unable to accept another.
    • Fixed an issue with some casting animations being slower than intended.
    • Adjusted damage on Stone Clan groble bleed.
    • Adjusted damage on Aether Crystal tendril attacks.
    • Fixed a bug where knocked down enemies would animate incorrectly when getting up.
    • Fixed a bug where the in game menu would become unclickable.
    • Fixed a bug where bounties would become stuck.
    • Fixed a bug where faction reputation gain section would be shown for factions that cannot be increased.
    • Fixed a crash which would sometimes occur when other players teleported in multiplayer games.
    • Fixed a crash which …

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  • Realmain


    • Fixed a bug where the Alpha to Coverage option would cause flickering when selecting targets.
    • Fixed a bug where the server browser would sometimes display incorrect server data.
    • Fixed a crash which could occur when inspecting lore notes when using community localizations.
    • Fixed a bug where multi-line text could be displayed on a single line when using community localizations.


    • Fixed an issue with Luther Graves spawning in two locations at the same time.
    • Fixed a dialogue issue with Luther Graves that could make him unresponsive to the quest.
    • Updated the boss area in Tyrant's Hold to prevent an exploit with the portcullis.



    • One of the 2H weapon-type default attack animations reworked to feel more powerful (the right to lef…

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