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Quest Info
Given by: Drew Larkin
Location: Arkovian Foothills
Faction: None
Type: Side Quest
Prerequisites: None
Unlocks: A Familiar Face
Rewards: XP, Iron, Item

This quest is an Act 2 side quest. It begins when you find Drew Larkin in the Arkovian Foothills. If you agree to avenge him, he will grant the quest.


You encounter Drew Larkin dying on the side of the road. He says he was travelling with his partner and a cart full of salvaged scrap. His partner jumped him in the middle of the night and stabbed him, making off with the loot and leaving him to die. Larkin asks that, should you run into a man named Isaiah, to kill him on his behalf.


  • Deal with Isaiah Reddan.


Isaiah Reddan can be found just a little further along the road. Talk to him and you will be presented with several options.

  1. Hear him out.
  2. Extort him.
  3. Kill Isaiah as asked.

If you hear Isaiah out he will explain that Drew Larkin tried to rape his daughter and that he was defending her.  You can accept his word or ask for half his profits in exchange for letting him live.

If you don't kill Isaiah he will later appear in Homestead as a Special Goods vendor with his daughter Josephine. He will sell various rare components like Focusing Prism and Blessed Steel. The prices he offers depend on whether you extorted him; if you didn't, he buys and sells at much better prices.

If choose to kill Isaiah you will have the opportunity to fight him. Killing him will end the quest. You will later have to face Isaiah's daughter Josephine Reddan, who will be waiting in turn for revenge across the bridge to the Rocky Coast. You will have to fight her as well, and she will drop the Reddan Memento Ring.


Believe Isaiah:

Normal Elite Ultimate
XP 1200 8000 26000


Normal Elite Ultimate
XP 1200 8000 26000
Iron 1000 4000 9000

Kill Isaiah:

Normal Elite Ultimate
XP 1200 8000 26000
Item Reddan Memento Ring Item.png Reddan Memento Ring