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Viper Constellation Icon.png
The viper represents the flow of energy between the living world and the aether, which powers all forms of magic.
Affinity Required:

Chaos   1

Affinity Bonus:

Chaos   2
Primordial   3

Viper is a tier one Chaos Constellation, located in the center of the devotion window.


Updated to: v1.1.9.1

# Stats
1 +15 Cunning
+15 Spirit
2 15% Chance of 36 Energy Leech over 2 Seconds
+10% Energy absorbed from Enemy Spells
3 +10% Vitality Resistance
4 20% Reduced target's Elemental Resistances for 3 Seconds
+3% Offensive Ability

Note that the 20% Reduced target's Elemental Resistances for 3 Seconds is tied to Weapon Damage, and is best used with weapon attacks, or spells with a high % Weapon Damage component. 

A spell without % Weapon Damage will not apply the Resist debuff to enemies at all, and where it does have % Weapon Damage, the value will act as a multiplier for the Reduced Resistances; for example Callidor's Tempest, with 12% Weapon Damage, will only lower enemy resistances by 12% of 20% ( i.e. 2.4%). However, even if Shadow Strike (Skill) is dealing 300% Weapon Damage, it will only reduce enemy resistances by 20%.

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