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Vire, the Stone Matron
Vire Constellation Icon.png
Commonly depicted in Arkovian lore as the matron of the gods, and thus the mightiest, the Stone Matron represented Cairn itself, the fortitude and strength of stone, unmoving against even the greatest odds.
Affinity Required:

Primordial   18
Ascendant   12

Affinity Bonus:

Vire, the Stone Matron is a tier three Constellation, located at the top of the devotion window.

Available only with the Ashes of Malmouth Expansion.


Updated to: v1.0.3.0

# Stats
1 +150 Health
+75 Armor
2 10% Aether Resistance
10% Chaos Resistance
3 +4% Health
+40 Armor
+12% Shield Damage Blocked
4 +80% Physical Damage
+80% Internal Trauma Damage
+3% Cunning
+80% to All Retaliation Damage
5 4% Physical Resistance
20% Pierce Resistance
20% Bleeding Resistance
6 Fist of Vire (20% Chance when Hit)

Skill Progression[]

Fist of Vire (20% Chance when Hit)

The crushing fist of Vire rises up from the earth to subdue your foes with the strength of the earth.
Level Stats XP Required

2/15 160000
3/15 371336
4/15 672776
5/15 1116836
6/15 17711442
7/15 2721398
8/15 4069700
9/15 5938761
10/15 8471532
11/15 11232559
12/15 14308980
13/15 17711469
14/15 21675138
15/15 26160399

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