VitalityVitality Damage is a magical damage type. It is associated with Vitality Decay. Spirit increases Vitality damage at a rate of 0.33% per point.



Dreeg's Evil Eye (Skill) Icon Dreeg's Evil Eye

  • Vile Eruption (Skill) Icon Vile Eruption: Adds vitality damage to Dreeg's Evil Eye

Curse of Frailty (Skill) Icon Curse of Frailty

  • Vulnerability (Skill) Icon Vulnerability: Adds vitality resistance reduction to Curse of Frailty

Solael's Witchfire (Skill) Icon Solael's Witchfire: Adds +% vitality damage

  • Second Rite (Skill) Icon Second Rite: Adds vitality resistance to Solael's Witchfire

Bloody Pox (Skill) Icon Bloody Pox

  • Wasting (Skill) Icon Wasting: Adds vitality damage to Bloody Pox
  • Black Death (Skill) Icon Black Death: Adds +% vitality damage to Bloody Pox

Sigil of Consumption (Skill) Icon Sigil of Consumption: Deals vitality damage

Blood of Dreeg (Skill) Icon Blood of Dreeg

  • Armor of the Guardian (Skill) Icon Armor of the Guardian: Adds +% vitality damage to Blood of Dreeg's effect

Doom Bolt (Skill) Icon Doom Bolt: Deals vitality damage

Possession (Skill) Icon Possession: Adds +% vitality damage


Phantasmal Blades (Skill) Icon Phantasmal Blades

  • Transmuter (Skill) Icon Frenetic Throw: Converts 100% of Phantasmal Blade's piercing damage to vitality damage
  • Heart Seeker (Skill) Icon Heart Seeker: Adds vitality damage to Phantasmal Blades


Devouring Swarm (Skill) Icon Devouring Swarm: Deals vitality damage and reduces vitality resistance

Wendigo Totem (Skill) Icon Wendigo Totem: Deals vitality damage

  • Blood Pact (Skill) Icon Blood Pact: Adds +% vitality damage to Wendigo Totem

Storm Totem (Skill) Icon Storm Totem

  • Transmuter (Skill) Icon Corrupted Storm: Converts 100% of Storm Totem's lightning damage to vitality damage


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